This blog is a gaming journal for students in Bard College’s Spring 2019 course called Games at Work: Participation, Procedure and Play (IDEA 135).

Each week you are required to play different games that are relevant to the weekly course theme. You will write a short response to each game you play in an online, public blog. These responses can range from one sentence to a paragraph. Your journal entries may focus on a number of things. For instance, you might choose to record observations on a game’s formal elements (e.g. gameplay, game mechanics, graphics, sound, plot) or you might describe your experience and thoughts when playing the game. You may compare and contrast different games. You can how the games relate to course readings, ideas brought up in class, different types of artworks you’ve encountered in other classes, or your own life experience. You may discuss how the games inspire your own creative work. But please keep it concise. The gaming journal is not intended to be a collection of formal, polished essays, but should be a forum for honest and thoughtful reflection. In addition to the brief reflection, you will give each game a rating of 0-5 stars. Feel free to use a pseudonym if you are uncomfortable using your full name.