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  1. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what I was even supposed to do in this game. Although I’d done a quick Google search to at least familiarize myself with it, I didn’t read enough to go in with a solid understanding of how its gameplay worked. I unfortunately don’t think I progressed far enough in the game to appreciate its plot.

    I can’t see myself playing this game again for an extended amount of time, but I was glad to be able to apply what we’d gone over last class (with coding in Javascript) to how Adventure was probably built.

    Rating: 3
  2. This game was sort of difficult for me. I likes the very simple deign but found it hard to advance. The dragon kept eating me (it moves so fast!) I discovered new techniques as I played more and figured out the objectives of the game on my own. I couldn’t help but play other games in the program and tried the Adventure II and a few others, my favorite of which was, “Earthquest”. I like the console used and the simplicity of it. It was a little difficult to figure out how to use it at first, but was relatively easy to understand.

    Rating: 3
  3. I really appreciate the simplicity of this game and I think I would enjoy it more if it were a little easier (or if I jut had better patience).
    I got stuck at the blue maze part and wasn’t able to find the black key. I sort of gave up, but I’m sure if I had more time I would work harder on it.

    Rating: 3
  4. I beat the first level!!!!! I can’t quite put my finger on why this game was addicting to me. I was convinced I had to kill big bird/the dragon for a solid 40 minutes, but then I just attempted to get the chalice back to my original location and it worked! Only problem was I couldn’t figure out how to make the game go to level two after having won. A lot of the graphics left the narrative (and resulting purpose) of the game up in the air, which could have been the point, but probably stemmed from my unfamiliarity with atari esque games. Yet, considering half the obstacle of this game was simply figuring out how to navigate through it and what in the hell I was supposed to be doing; it was a lot of fun!

    Rating: 4
  5. I can really see why something like this would be phenomenal in 1980, but after playing modern games it really seems like a downgrade. I’m not saying that retro games are bad; Super Mario Bros. still holds up, and even Pong is fun when you get into it. But this game really just feels like a glorified maze; it feels like it can be played with paper cutouts on a large board and still feel the same, minus the dragon, which wasn’t even that much of a challenge to beat! I don’t know, I think people that like this game probably have the benefit of a nostalgia factor, but as a newcomer/judging this game objectively, it’s pretty boring. And game-breaking bugs forced me to restart a few times. I know I’m giving it a hard time, because it’s from 1980, but still, that doesn’t make me like it……………..

    Rating: 2
  6. I really enjoyed playing this! It was challenging to be thrown into a highly simplified world with no instructions and to then be expected to know where to go, but at the same time I really appreciated that. I think one of the cool parts of playing “retro” games is that they immediately throw you into the action and are confident that you as the player will be able to figure out where to go from there. It can be frustrating to go through the trial and error process but at the same time I feel like it lends itself to the “immersion” concept. You get so caught up in trying to problem solve so you can move forward that you forget about the simplicity of the graphics, and just let yourself get lost in the world.

    Rating: 4
  7. I found my experience with Atari “Adventure” to be quite fascinating as I was so stumped on what to do! I constantly got lost in the map but soon become more and more comfortable with the layout. After playing for 40 minutes I decided to watch a youtube tutorial on how to beat the game – which was done in less than two minutes. Overall I was extremely impressed on how challenging this game was despite how minimalistic it was. Additionally I was very surprised on how well the joysticks were made/designed and I could hardly believe they were wireless! I would definitely play this game again.

    Rating: 5
  8. The game was easy enough to grasp at first though from time to time I was confused at what was happening. When I beat the first level by taking the chalice into the castle the whole game just froze and I had no idea what happened. The second level was infuriating, every time I would get close to accomplishing something that bat would steal my stuff!!!! I honestly started screaming at it. It took the white key right when I was next to the white castle! Then it took my sword (or arrow or whatever) and dropped it IN BETWEEN TWO SCREENS so I couldn’t get it unless I used the magnet so I went and got the magnet then IT STOLE THE MAGNET! Then I had to use the bridge. It was difficult when items would phase through walls so I couldn’t get them.
    Then, when I finally got into the white castle with the sword I accidentally hit the reset button and lost all my progress.
    Fun game, but the bat and the occasionally glitchy graphics make it occasionally frustrating.

  9. It took a me a long time to figure out how to play this game and understand the rules. The tools in this game is attrative but i feel this game is struggling for me. This is a challenging game, and it is good for player who want to play a very long time and figure out the secquences in this game. I do not want to play this game because it took me long time to cunquer it.

    Rating: 3
  10. It took me a while to figure out the game, but once I started getting the hang of it it was fun. I got as far a grabbing the flashing gauntlet thing but I didn’t know what to do with it once I had it. I did kill many of the dragons though. Overall, the game was interesting but not enough to make me want to play for hours.

    Rating: 2
  11. This game wasn’t that fun, but despite that I appreciate the simple aesthetics of the game. Even though the sprites were not detailed, I could still understand what they were i.e the castle looked like a castle despite being a solid color. If I could change the game, I would make the color scheme monochromatic, because the colors didn’t really make sense to me and were kind of ugly.

  12. I played this game as a boy. It wasn’t that fun when I was young (wasn’t allowed to have real videogames) and it wasn’t fun now. It is hard to relate to a cube, and the idea of a super simple 8-bit epic falls a bit flat. Atari games are best when they are simple (asteroids, pong, etc). The most enjoyable part was the concept of the maze. It would have been better as a simple maze game.

    Rating: 1
  13. I had always heard so much about this game, but never actually got the chance to play it. It was extremely funny to see the graphics. I should have expected something basic, considering when the game was made, but considering how big of a deal it was, I was expecting something more developed. Ultimately though, it was an extremely fun game. Despite the massive technological gap between present day games and retro games, I still found it enjoyable: It felt timeless.

    Rating: 4

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