26 thoughts on “Project 2: Participate

  1. https://github.com/Alexandrazhao/participate

    Alexandra’s game. Alice in Wonderland. You can use the arrow key left and right, and “w” is up. You are not supposed to move downward so if you move up you will have no chance to come back. There is no gameover thing and some problems in my score courting system so this game is just for fun. lol.
    If you make the cards full of the screen, you lose the game.

    And the “space”arrow is shooting the “barrier” (bullet) to block the cards.

    1. I really like this game!! Your graphics are really beautiful !! The game has a few “hacks” but they are fun ones (like moving all of the people and getting points for the stars. Overall very fun and g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.

  2. game

    set resolution to 1440×900, move w/ arrow keys, shoot with space. collect the boys’ coins & avoid bandits/conductors

    1. I am INTO. Took me a while to figure out that my friends had the coin. Perhaps if direction of shooting changed with the player’s movements then it could be more difficult of a game. Could be fun also to move to different scenes. Really good job though.

      Rating: 5
  3. the sprites are really beautiful in this i love the hand & that you can have 2 players

    1. Find the key and find the exit
      Arrow keys left/right to move
      Up to hide in wardrobes and under tables/beds
      Up to go through doors
      Use headphones, you must listen for the monster!
      Monster touches you, you die.

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